Ice Rink Liners

Ice Rink Liners

Ice-skating is an increasingly popular way to workout in the winter. It is a fun form of cardiovascular exercise which improves balance and builds muscle in your legs and core. Ice-skating can keep your whole family active and engaged, more so than other winter sports. Fairly inexpensive and open to all levels, you and your kids can skate in one place without the skill separation other activities can create. With different styles like figure skating and speed skating, everyone can pursue their interests within the bounds of the rink.

Backyard Ice Rink Liners

Make your own backyard ice rink quickly and easily with THOR Tarp's wide array of outdoor skating and hockey rink tarps. Order Now!

Recommended Accessory: PolyShield Vapor Bond Patch Tape | Manufacturer Recommendation
Durashield 6000

8 mil woven reinforced 4-ply polyethylene; width must be divisible by 6'

Length (feet) Width (feet) Color Price  
Durashield 8000

12 mil woven reinforced 4-ply polyethylene; width must be divisible by 6'
*Manufacturer's Recommended Product for Ice Rink Liners

Length (feet) Width (feet) Color Price  
Durashield 10000

14 mil woven reinforced 4-ply polyethylene; width must be divisible by 12'; 50' Minimum Length; $150 Minimum Order

Length (feet) Width (feet) Color Price  

Manufacturer Recommendation

To get multiple seasons from your THOR Ice Rink Liner:
  1. Make sure your surface is cleaned of twigs & rocks before laydown of liner.
  2. The perimeter above the ice line will either need to be cut off and the rink made smaller each year or kick boards/old carpet should be put over the material to prevent puncture damage from skates
  3. In the spring make sure the water is broomed/siphoned/squeegeed completely off the liner before attempting to move it.
  4. If possible, invert the liner completely after the water has been drained to assure complete moisture removal before storage.
  5. It is always best to fold down to 10' then loosely roll onto a 3" diameter PVC pipe for off-season storage to avoid sharp creases in the liner when not in use.

Outdoor Ice Rinks

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